Serah and Krithika | Alpaca Farm Proposal | Hackettstown, NJ

I can officially cross 'shoot a proposal at an Alpaca Farm while a man serenades his love by signing "A Whole New World" off my bucket list. On April 15th I drove to the Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch in Hackettstown, NJ. The journey there was joyful with plentiful, beautiful greenery on all sides and the afternoon sun trickling through trees as I made my way down a tiny dirt road leading to the Ranch.

Upon parking I met one of the owners, Joy, who gave me a tour of the property. I then learned her Husband Colin attended the National Western Stock Show in Colorado years ago. There he met a woman who was showing alpacas, and after discussing the cuddly animals for a bit he became curious. The woman suggested Colin visit Daryl Goodrich at Angel Woods Alpaca Farm in New Jersey. Colin took her advice and a friendship blossomed. In November of 2013 Daryl retired which led to Colin and Joy buying the ranch.


Listening to that story provided a nice backdrop as I walked through the grass with Joy; her history under my feet and in the air.

 A few minutes later Serah pulled up and I noticed Krithika in the passenger seat with a blindfold on. Krithika got out -removing her blindfold- and immediately squealed with delight realizing where she was (she LOVES Alpacas and thought Serah planned a date to play with them for the day). Joy introduced herself and then introduced me as "their onsite photographer for the day taking photographs of the farm and guests". Joy gave the couple a tour of her ranch and 30 minutes later myself, a ranch employee, and the couple, headed out for a walk to the river with a male alpaca named Hamish (whom they later adopted).

The rest is, as they say, history...

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This song allows you to connect with the photographs on a more visceral level.

Please enjoy a highlight video from Serah + Krithika's proposal below the photo gallery!

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