Portrait sessions are a personal favorite of mine and are very intimate. I love the 'challenge' of connecting with another human being with only a camera between us. I find it fascinating -- watching layers of a person unravel the more relaxed they become in front of my lens, and as I get to know them beyond our email or phone call exchanges.

Casey Hempel is a Screenwriter, Director, and recent honors graduate from the New York Film Academy in Burbank, CA, with a Masters of Fine Arts in Screenwriting and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film-making. After being involved in acting as a pre-teen, Casey discovered the magic of movies and television behind the camera. She believes her purpose in life is to spread the good news of the Lord through film. Throughout her college career, Casey wrote and directed numerous short films and commercials while teaching Zumba Fitness and working as a Character Performer (Princess) on the weekends. No matter what the task is, she is always sure to bring dedication and hard work.


Casey’s short film, In Good Faith, won Best Comedy (Short) at the 2016 Great Lakes Christian Film Festival and received an Award of Merit at the 2016 Christian Life International Film Festival.


Casey currently resides in Burbank, CA where her apartment overlooks a city of stars. She continues to write and direct with her most recent project being the pilot of her web series, Fitness Princess. To this day Casey recites her favorite movie quote once a day, "I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen".

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Casey | Portrait Session | New Hope, PA


Focusing on anything other than Casey's eyes when photographing her, is very difficult. Since I was young I've always loved the saying, "Eyes are the doorways to the soul". Years of experience, strength, and life lurk behind them. Stare long enough and you will begin to appreciate and grasp who a person is and where they came from...




I told Casey to pay no mind to me standing inside the tree branches, and that she would love the image. Her response was to laugh and say, "I trust you, it's never weird when you do that". My people 'get me'.


"I love these textures, Liz! Can we shoot here?". Casey's words filled the air just as I was about to ask her to sit, exactly where she began sitting...



Casey isn't used to having her portrait taken in a natural state. One of her jobs is dressing up and acting as Disney Princesses for children's events. She is used to making (as she called it) "Princess faces". After giving her direction and a few minutes to relax her face, she opened up and I was granted the opportunity to really capture -- her...








Casey is human being full of pure kindness. The way she observes the world around her and allows herself to be present, is a very pleasant experience to be a part of. Photographing someone become more comfortable with themselves as a session progresses brings me the most joy. Giving my subject the room to breathe and find a relaxed state of mind, allows me to really capture who they are.

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