Welcome home, Leela | Allentown, Pennsylvania

I remember the morning conversations I had with Vhada and Ronak while photographing their darling family at Lake Nockamixon for a maternity session in June 2017 (click here to view). They spoke about the soon to be arrival of their second daughter, and how wonderful it's been raising their first, Ariyana. Vhada told me her favorite part has been teaching Ariyana about the world, being kind to animals, and how to be a good human. Those memories in mind, I headed to their home to photograph their newest daughter - Leela.


Upon arrival I was greeted by Ronak's mother who had a warm smile while guiding me to the living room. Immediately Ariyana came to investigate, repeatedly asking me throughout the shoot what my name was. What a personality that little girl has! Every now and then I'd respond with, "Tree", or "Ocean", and she would giggle and say, "No it's not! It's Liiiiiiz. You're silly, I like you".


I photographed Leela on the couch lying on Ariyana's baby blanket, helped Ronak move toys out of the way so I could fully utilize the light pouring in the dining area, photographed Vhada breastfeeding and Ariyana jumping on the bed, then finally we all headed outside to take advantage of the morning light.

When I finished the session, I drove along long stretches of road lined with corn fields, a blue sky filling the windshield, and a smile that lingered until I got home...

Please enjoy a highlight video from Leela's session below the photo gallery!

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