Welcome home, Melinda | Bucks County, PA

I left the Monico home with an agave plant and four different tomato seedlings. That should showcase how warm and inviting this family is. The first thing Dave asked me when I put my camera bag down was if I wanted some water, and their three-year old son Louis shoved a blue non-permanent marker in my direction and asked if I wanted to color Olaf with him.  Can you say, "Awww".

Over the several months leading up to our shoot together Janine and I discussed updates on her pregnancy (several health hiccups including a pre-eclampsia scare and being in triage three times in seven days, but boy was this momma focused on growing a healthy baby) and her vision for the shoot. She was set to be induced on May 24th and on May 30th I received an email from Janine including a precious photo of her new baby girl, Melinda. Melinda is named in honor of Janine's Mother, and 'Somewhere over the rainbow was 'there song', hence it being the song choice for this blog.

Check out the music link below.

This song allows you to connect with the photographs on a more visceral level.

Please enjoy a highlight video from Melinda's newborn session below the photo gallery!

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