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When I stepped inside Laura and Chris's home on the morning of April 20th, the first thing I did (as Laura approached me for a hug) was gasp at the light pouring through the windows. While Chris gave me a tour of their home, pride filled his eyes while listening to Laura softly speak to their baby as she fed him. Simultaneously I had a flashback of Laura and I attending Volleyball practice in High School. I quickly remembered the power this human had in making those around her laugh and feel relaxed in her presence. Some things never change.


Walking into a Client's home leaves me feeling calm and connected to their story. I am surrounded by their sacred space and it always brings chills to my arms. The juxtaposition of their Wedding photograph on their living room built in wall shelf, and the three of them laying on their couch in front of it, was enough to fill my eyes with appreciation and dare I say...that single tear that without fail makes it's way down my cheek during sessions.

Thank goodness I have a camera to block my eyes, huh?


Capturing this brand new family of three was joyful and surreal down to the drive home. 

I passed farms to the left and right, rolled the windows down to breathe in the crisp Spring air mixed with freshly cut grass, and watched the sun peak in and out of pine trees. I even pulled over for some photographs...

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"One of our favorites things he did as a baby was suck his lip in 'til no end! It sometimes looked like he had no upper lip! Now our most treasured thing is his ability to make everyone around him smile. We will be staring as his big blue eyes and it's as if he just knows we could use a smile. I don't care how bad your day is, one of his smiles is enough to fuel you up and remember God is good..."


Laura wanted to incorporate her baby carriage into our session. How beautiful it is to see her staring down at her child, just as her parents did when she laid there as a newborn...full circle.



Baby hands fascinate me. These little fingers wrap around one single finger of mom or dad, and turn red from the strength to hold on. Trusting their mom and dad to protect and comfort. Watching the blood flush the teeny tiny fingers, no bigger than a straw, ignites such wonder and awe as I photograph...



IMG_9476 (1)RESOLUTENEWBORN2017_edited

"My favorite thing about being a Mother is raising this beautiful little boy alongside my Husband to love Jesus and love people! I feel so blessed to be entrusted with this life! being a Mother was always a dream of mine and I feel like I am in an exclusive club now..." -Laura






The guitar in the background belongs to Chris. He told me has hope that one day his little guy will strum those same chords...


You know the saying, "The best thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother?". I felt the authenticity of that sentiment while documenting the love, respect, admiration and honor this man pours into his Wife.



Chris always found ways to be affectionate towards his Wife. A tender back rub here, a kiss on the cheek there, or this sweet moment...


As Laura did an outfit change on her little boy, she spoke to him as though he was able to converse back and forth. "What about this shirt baby, do you think this matches Momma's outfit? Maybe we should ask Daddy. Yeah, let's ask Daddy (she turns towards the door and yells out) ...Chrrrrissssss?".







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