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How did my photography career begin?


My strongest memories as a young girl are those of my mother using her 35mm film camera on trips to museums or gardens in the Philadelphia area. I loved sealing the film in an envelope and waiting for my photographs to magically appear a week or so later. I vividly remember feeling awe that it was possible to 'freeze' a moment and have tangible evidence that it happened! As I got older l would borrow my mother’s Polaroid, her Point and Shoot, and even her video camera. I grew into the teenager, who in her group, was the one constantly taking photographs at parties and school functions. After school, I'd venture out to the park and use a disposable camera to shoot photographs of the blossoming flowers or the leaves as they began to change color in the fall.

In the beginning, the most important thing was that I captured something that screamed importance. Over time the realization that every single fraction of a second, and every image captured has relevance and is open to interpretation, has given a depth to my images that explains where I began, and where I’ve been. Laying a photograph I felt displayed strong evidence of my ‘style’ seven years ago, two years ago, or even 9 months ago along side something I’ve shot in the past six days, shows that I’ve evolved from being over-focused into an open-minded observer of both my environment and my clients/subjects.

My Philosophy?


If it evokes emotion in you, keep your finger on the shutter and pursue that feeling with your eye.


Choosing E. Ashley Photography


I provide a professional, timeless, authentic catalog of natural light images based on your individual preference.  From 'I Do', to your cute baby bump, to waddles on your living room floor, I strive to capture your most personal moments, creating a visual archive of your life.


Each client enjoys a personal story- a timeline enhanced by a unique history.  Understanding that preferred peripheral enhancements to photographic images and budget varies from client to client, I provide unlimited, open communication regarding retained services to ensure that the visual history of your session conveys depth, joy and beauty.


With a resume that includes 7 years of previous work in individual and family portraiture, natural photography, pet portraits, professional modeling portfolio shots, newborn, maternity, engagement session and wedding/reception as well as working alongside other top-rated local professional wedding photographers such as Kalen Foley and Sharyn Frenkel, my previous and ongoing experience allows professional services for both local and destination weddings.


From large-scale events at the Kimmel Center, to formal bridal party shoots in Rittenhouse Square, to intimate venues in rural settings, I provide E. Ashley Photography Client's with both high quality, and  value, thus validating your investment.

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