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McGinniss 201620161029McG201630011

Jillian was so proud of her find.

McGinniss 201620161029McG201645511

McGinniss 201620161029McG201609311

McGinniss 201620161029McG201603711

McGinniss 201620161029McG201618211

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McGinniss 201620161029McG20164091

David was constantly trying to hold his baby sisters hand, give her head kisses and get her to crawl through the grass with him.

McGinniss 201620161029McG2016180111


This little guy really looks up to his Father. The way he looks at him, and the way his eyes light up...

McGinniss 201620161029McG201600911

McGinniss 201620161029McG201605511

McGinniss 201620161029McG20163661

McGinniss 201620161029McG20163901

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McGinniss 201620161029McG201629411

McGinniss 201620161029McG201615511

I photographed this family sitting on a bench in front of this tree before their daughter was born, so I wanted to incorporate it into the session...

McGinniss 201620161029McG20160021_11

McGinniss 201620161029McG20164061

McGinniss 201620161029McG201617311

McGinniss 201620161029McG201611311

McGinniss 201620161029McG201617211

McGinniss 201620161029McG201618911

McGinniss 201620161029McG201624711

McGinniss 201620161029McG201626811

McGinniss 201620161029McG201633211

McGinniss 201620161029McG201635811

The McGinniss Family | Fall Mini Session | Peace Valley Park, PA

I've been photographing the McGinniss family since their first born son, David,  was three months old. One of the most impressionable aspects of being a photographer for me, is the privledge of witnessing growth within my Client's. Having the chance to be present for milestones and feeling like I am not just their photographer, but someone they trust and like having around (the noises I make to get children's attention, oh boy...).

I remember baby David looking up at his Momma with awe as a three-month-old. Reacting to her soft voice, and gentle rubs on his forehead with the back of her pointer finger. Three years later I watch him jog through grass bringing a fallen tree branch to his parents, while the autumn leaves light up the background.


In 2015 I photographed his newborn sister Jillian. I smiled behind my camera as Jillian grabbed her Momma's finger while she was slept after a feeding. Two years later I was crouching down photographing Jillian sitting in  grass, observing the rocks, surrounded by flowers. The moment was full circle for me -- as she held up a small flower to my camera lens...

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