John and Amanda | Maternity Session | Longwood Gardens, PA

 Amanda contacted me on March 12th inquiring if a maternity session at Longwood Gardens was possible March 23rd, when she and her Husband would be in town (they are from Texas). After several exchanges we decided on a day and time and boy was I one joyful photographer (I may have done a jig). Learning how important Longwood is to Amanda and how her Husband promised to make a maternity session happen there while they were in town, made my heart swoon and feel thankful that they chose E. Ashley Photography to make that dream happen. I cherish any opportunity to shoot a session at Longwood and as the universe would have it we would also be there during the Orchid extravaganza - talk about a backdrop!

The morning of March 23rd arrived. I headed out at 7:30 a.m., plopped fresh coffee (thanks to my Husband) in the holder next to my steering wheel, set up the GPS, turned on my favorite podcast, and blasted the heat (it was 31˚  outside with a slight windchill and a fresh coating of snow).


My walk from the Longwood Gardens visitor center to the Conservatory left my fingertips cold as ice. Once I arrived inside I warmed up, formatted my cards, and scouted new locations for our session. We scheduled the session for 9:00 a.m., so there were few people walking around, everything was freshly watered, and the vibrancy of the Conservatory was top notch. When you step into the Conservatory it feels like you've entered Narnia, or a similar fantasy world only read about or seen on a movie screen. The beauty of it all is overwhelming. I find myself over stimulated every time I visit Longwood Gardens for a session or with a loved one, always wanting to linger for just a few more minutes...


As I spotted John and Amanda walking up the path leading to the conservatory, I opened the door and said, "Welcome to my humble abode". The comment was a good ice breaker to relax them and was met with giggles from both. As she stepped inside the Conservatory, Amanda looked straight ahead at the gorgeous orchid arch and said, "Oh wow that's pretty. This is perfect".


Amanda, you read my mind...

Below the gallery is a highlight video from their engagement session, give it a whirl.

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