Jesse + Lauren | Married | Bethany Beach, Delaware

Lauren and Jesse met during their second year of college, became good friends, and started secretly dating their fourth year.

They were crazy about each other so the secret did not last very long...

They were married on September 24, 2015 at Addy by the Sea Bed and Breakfast located in Bethany Beach, Delaware in front of their most treasured family and friends. One of the most memorable parts of their Wedding was when Lauren was saying her vows to Jesse, and began to cry from the pure joy she felt.  As she took several deep breaths while looking in Jesse's eyes, you could see the comfort he brings to her. They held hands for most of the ceremony, and as I panned around to photograph their guests I could feel the love being emitted.


To say I didn't shed a tear of my own would be a lie...

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Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J0715111

G_Lauren and Jesse 201620160924G_L&J13201

G_Lauren and Jesse 201620160924G_L&J12861

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J001911

G_Lauren and Jesse 201620160924G_L&J11721

About five minutes prior to the Ceremony beginning it began to sprinkle, and wind started whipping through the beach. The guests were all smiles, ready to take on the experience...

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Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J01361

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Lauren waited on the second floor of the Bed and Breakfast as guests filed in, gazing down as the rain sprinkled. She mentioned that regardless of the weather, all she could focus on was marrying Jesse. *Fun fact: I was thinking of how the raindrops had the ability to mask the tiny tears that would transpire amongst the guests and myself during the Wedding Ceremony...

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J078511

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J005111

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J00371

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J032411

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J035211

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J065611

G_Lauren and Jesse 201620160924G_L&J12811

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G_Lauren and Jesse 201620160924G_L&J12931

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Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J061611

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Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J071011

G_Lauren and Jesse 201620160924G_L&J12881

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J084611

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J064511

Being able to document the reactions of Lauren and Jesse's family and friends was an honor. The admiration and love for them was extremely clear...

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J054911

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J069411

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J066011

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J053611

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J004611

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J041911

G_Lauren and Jesse 201620160924G_L&J12691

Photo courtesy of second photographer Giselle Alejandra

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J08041_11

G_Lauren and Jesse 201620160924G_L&J12651

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J034811

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J043311

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J044011

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J034411

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J052811

G_Lauren and Jesse 201620160924G_L&J11931

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J07501

G_Lauren and Jesse 201620160924G_L&J12631

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J07271_1

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J00081

Photo courtesy of second photographer Giselle Alejandra

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J06071

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J042611

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J094911

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J09331_11

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J095111

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J08211

Lauren and Jesse 9_24_1620160924_L&J08121

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