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Roberto and Giselle are both from Venezuela. They met in 2007 at a party thrown by a mutual friend. Giselle remembers Rob taking a seat near her on the floor, in circle of friends. Roberto smiled while she spoke. They each left the party never exchanging information, leaving Giselle to believe they may not speak again. Little did Giselle know, Roberto was determined to see her again. He searched for her profile on MySpace and sent her a private message. She added him and that was the beginning of their friendship. 


Years following they saw each other at events and from the way Roberto treated and gazed at Giselle, her instincts told her he was interested in being more than friends. One time a mutual friend asked Giselle to accompany her to the bathroom. As they headed inside she told Giselle, "Roberto is crazy about you and everyone can tell. He looks at you as if the world disappears when you are around." she smiled. A couple of years later Giselle had to confront her feelings for Roberto, after all he still looked at her like 'maybe she was magic.'


She realized she had been falling in love -for the last 6 years. While celebrating Roberto's birthday some time later, they had a private talk about how neither of them wanted to ' just be friends'.  Roberto kissed Giselle. Recalling that moment, she says, "I can still feel the butterflies and smile like a little girl every time I think about that kiss".  When Giselle relocated to the United States Roberto stayed in Venezuela, and they remained in close touch through Skype, phone calls, and texts. Eighteen months later Roberto made the move to Philadelphia to be closer to Giselle.

In the Summer of 2016 they traveled with Giselle's family to Disney World -- her favorite place on earth. On September 3, 2016 Roberto made her dream come true by kneeling in front of the Castle and asking her to be his forever...

On August 3, 2016 Giselle and Roberto became Husband and Wife in Philadelphia, PA.

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G&R Wedding 2016 FINAL-31

"I love that we are friends before anything else, and always have been. We tell each other anything and everything, even about one another. We are our best critics and fans, support and encourage each other, and never leave an argument unresolved. He makes me feel at home wherever we are. It took a lot of work to get to where we are. It's going to be quite the adventure to live this life with my favorite person and best friend in the world." ~ Giselle

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"My favorite thing about Giselle is how excited the little things make her. It can be as simple as finding a note I hid for her a few months before or finding the perfect flavor of ice cream. She reminds me that life was meant to be enjoyed often and to the fullest, and for that reason, along with countless others, she is a never-ending source of joy in my life." ~ Roberto

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