The Hyne Family | Fall Session | Bucks County, PA

As I drove over the gravel leading down a hill to meet the Hyne family ( whom I have had the pleasure to photograph several times at this point) the synapses in my brain were already firing with thoughts of, "Are you joking with this foliage?", "There's a spot", and "Look at that light! Jeeeeez".

The fall foliage still lingered, the sky was the color of blue topaz, and the trickling creek put me in a very peaceful state of mind.

I parked next to my clients, waved, turned off my car, gathered my Pretty Pro Bags camera bag, and headed over to their car. Rachel (Mom) was glowing as usual, and showed me the cute new shoes she recently purchased for her oldest son, Eli. I couldn't help but chuckle when she said,"I know they will be dirty within 5 minutes, but aren't they cute?".


Sure enough, she was right.  As we headed down to the creek Eli headed straight to the water and began 'skipping' rocks. Watching a child be a child is such a gift, and Eli's parents and I found delight in watching the joy on his face while he played.


The next hour was spent documenting Owen (Dad) chasing after Eli as he took of into the woods, Rachel cuddling up to her newest little guy Caleb, and endless amounts of laughter. One thing I have always admired about this couple is how they let their children be children. They don't fuss, they don't get aggravated, they just...observe. I appreciate those sentiments especially as their photographer.

When I was photographing Rachel and Owen alone, Eli wanted to be in the photograph and kept running in the frame, so I knelt down to his level and called him over to me to see how cool my camera was (distraction). This led to one of my favorite shots from the session - a timeless moment of Eli in the foreground and Owen holding Rachel in the background, laughing...

Please enjoy a highlight video from this session below the photo gallery!

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