Eric + Sara | Engaged | Dogfish Head Brewery

I remember hearing the notification 'ding' on my cellphone alerting me to a new Instagram message. 


I opened the message and saw that it was from a girl named Sara. She found my page through hashtags as she searched for a local photographer, and was interested in speaking with me about my wedding collections. After conversing over email for a few days we set up a formal in person consultation at a local coffee shop. At the cafe Eric, Sara, and I spoke about their wedding photography needs, what they were looking for in a photographer, and the vibe they wanted to focus on, our ability to have a conversation was effortless. After an hour of gathering the necessary information from one another Eric and Sara decided that E. Ashley Photography was a match for their wedding vision. I hugged them goodbye and headed to my car with that goofy smile that happens every...single...time.

After two reschedules due to in-climate weather (and perhaps this was meant to be...) Sara mentioned that Eric home-brews and loves visiting breweries. I had an idea and instantly thought of a personal favorite local brewery contacted them, and a day later received conformation that we were good to go.

Drum roll please...

March 4, 2018 at Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE.

The drive down to Dogfish Head was accompanied by big beautiful grey clouds and peeks of blue sky. We arrived at the same time and headed inside where we had a VIP tour waiting; including a really wonderful guide (Hi Steph!). The next four hours (yes, you read that correctly) flew by and after spending time around Eric and Sara, I became even more excited for their wedding day in May; these two will make you laugh.


During our shoot, our tour guide Steph inside the famous Steampunk Treehouse (created by Oakland Creative for Burning man and purchased by Founder Sam Calagione for $1), saw the breweries brand new fermentation tanks imported from Germany, smelled the delicious hop air, and had a kick butt tasting after shooting wrapped. I highly recommend you add a Brewery shoot to your bucket list.

Below the gallery is a highlight video from their engagement session, give it a whirl.

Check out the music link below.

This song allows you to connect with the photographs on a more visceral level.

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