...Until I make it to Antelope Canyon...

A 52 Weeks Project for 2019.

Week 1: January 1- 6

My intention for revolves around simplicity and exploration. To begin this project I wanted to photograph a self portrait after sitting in silence for ten minutes. The purpose was to get my head in a place of authenticity, and a place where I could explore my thoughts. When I gift my mind silence it returns the favor by gifting me sight. This portrait is a representation of my mind's current state; curious, delicate, inquisitive. My hands are comfortable where they are, yet anxious to explore...

Week 2: January 7 - 13

"Now I'm going somewhere out of view / 'Cause it's just too much, too much light in the sky / An expired constellation way up there drifting farther and farther..." The song 'Particle' by Hundred Waters influences me in new ways everytime I hear it. In this life, I want to make sure I don't become trapped in someone else's reality of what 'should be', caught between the shadows and the light, but rather, thrive in my authentically lived life pursuing the things that fulfill me as a human being.

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